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About the School



The Ecole Normale Supérieure El Katiba Assia Djebar Constantine or ENSC has gained an excellent reputation as a teacher education institution due to the professionalism of its teachers and the attention it endows its students with.


The school is responsible for the education of future teachers, educational development and scientific research.


In recent years, the ENSC has undergone a significant structural and pedagogical change, enrolling 5,089 students in 2020 taught by 223 teachers. Every academic year, it welcomes around 1,500 new university students from 24 wilayas in the Eastern and Southern parts of Algeria. The number of students has significantly increased due the opening of new specialties, namely computer science, physics-chemistry and natural sciences. The acquisition of the new infrastructure located at the Ali Mendjeli campus and the development of laboratories as well as the acquisition of new equipment specific to each specialty has resulted in an increase in the teaching, technical and administrative staff, whose total number has reached 215 employees in 2020. 


The institution educates teachers for the Ministry of National Education (MEN), in the following fields: mathematics, computer science, physics-chemistry, natural sciences, Arabic literature and language, French, English, philosophy and history-geography, for the three educational levels of the national education: Teachers of Secondary Education "PES", Teachers of Middle Education "PEM" and Teachers of Primary Education "PEP".


Although the Ecole Normale Supérieure Assia Djebar in Constantine is strongly faithful to its initial mission which is teaching and preparing future teachers, it also invests in other niches such as distance training, post-graduation and national and international research.


External relations constitute one of the strategic priorities of the School, which has numerous relations with national and international higher education institutions. Numerous seminars and conferences are organized for this purpose to enrich teaching and training activities on the one hand and to collaborate in research projects with other institutions on the other hand.


The diversity of the social and cultural origins of the students has given the ENSC and its departments a socio-cultural richness which has positively influenced the degree of fulfillment and development of the students. This richness is strengthened by the teaching staff diverse specialties, research interests, fields of experience and scientific and professional wealth.


 The ENSC leads and coordinates community life and unites students to create a spirit of solidarity that is necessary to the creation of a warm atmosphere within the institution. It also offers its students sports, cultural and leisure activities.


Missions of the Higher Normal School El Katiba Assia Djebar Constantine


The Ecole Normale Supérieure El Katiba Assia Djebar de Constantine, or ENSC, was created by Decree No. 81/254 of September 19, 1981 under the direction of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It is a public institution of a scientific, cultural and professional nature, endowed with a legal personality and financial autonomy.


The school is in charge of the education of future teachers, educational development and scientific research by providing initial academic training — based in particular on ICTs, educational psychology, didactics — and a practical professional training for students intended for teaching at different levels: primary, college and high school.


The Ecole Normale Supérieure El Katiba Assia Djebar Constantine ensures:


1-      Guarantee of employment: students are prepared to become permanent teachers of the National Education.

2-      High quality of teacher education which is centered around two complementary components: theoretical knowledge and practical training.

3-      Richness and diversity of instruction.

4-      Seriousness and motivation of its student population, selected among the top Algerian high school graduates.


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