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The Department of Arabic Language and Literature is an important component of the Ecole Normale Superieure Asia Djebar – Constantine. It is distinguished by its teaching and administrative staff, as well as by the quality of its students. It aspires to reach the highest levels of pedagogical quality by training students capable of performing the tasks entrusted to them in the future, and who possess outstanding scientific research skills.

The department was not the product of chance or recent inception. Rather, it has gone through many stages since its establishment in the school. It was truly an inevitable result of the concerted efforts of administrators who endured the hardships of its establishment and management throughout the many years of its existence and who are also among the best lecturers of the Department, namely Pr. Naima Ghallab, Prof. Rabeh Tabjoun, Prof. Hamrouch Idris, Prof. Mohamed Khit and the current head of the department, Dr. Rachid Falkaoui. These teachers, and others, have promoted the pedagogical act of the department and the whole institution and contributed to the training of the best teachers for the three educational levels; namely primary, middle and secondary education. 

It is also worth mentioning that in addition to their outstanding teaching skills, the Department teaching staff have remarkable scientific careers. Indeed, a large group of these teachers are  Ph.D holders both class (A) and (B), and Professors of Higher Education. Most of them frequently participate in national and international scientific events and conferences. They also produce linguistic and literary documents and books by which they have  gained wide recognition in scientific circles. 

The Department of Arabic Language and Literature seeks to reach the highest levels of   creativity and excellence by creating a scientific, practical and research environment, through the Laboratory of Literary, Linguistic and Educational Studies in Algeria, which has recently been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This laboratory represents a positive indicator of the scientific motivation of the presidents and members of the research units that constitute it. It, therefore, looks forward to contacting other national and international higher education institutions to enlarge its scope by involving other researchers from outside the school to give it an international dimension. This will be done under the guidance of the Director of the ENSC and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. 

The Department of Arabic Language and Literature constitutes a real scientific unit, a inspiration and a shrine for many researchers, through the pedagogical activities, lectures and symposia that are occasionally presented by teachers from the department and other prestigious universities in compliance with the established pedagogical program. These activities have been supported by the Literary Café which has become as prestigious as prominent international cafés in regard to the quality of lectures, the visiting guests and its reputation among students.

The department seeks to achieve a literary identity and a distinguished efficiency, and to train teachers for the benefit of the Ministry of National Education according to the requirements and orientations of educational policy and the Algerian society. The department eventually aspires to achieve the scientific and pedagogical goals that lie behind its very existence and to assume national leadership. 

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