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New Students


Access to the Ecole Normale Supérieure is conditioned by the needs of the user sector, namely the National Education. The number of students accepted in the first year, therefore, depends on the number of positions offered by the Ministry of National Education in the Eastern region of the country.


Only students having a Baccalaureate for the current year, with an average greater than or equal to 14/20 are selected. 


If the ranking allows it, the candidate will be interviewed by a teachers' committee to judge his motivations and his ability to meet the profile decided.


The baccalaureate streams allowed to have access to the ENSC are:


-          Literature and Philosophy

-          Foreign languages

-          Experimental science

-          Mathematics

-          Technical-mathematics



For more details, refer to:

-          Interministerial Decree No. 12 of 21/02/1983 setting the conditions for enrollment of the student teacher.

-          Interministerial circular of - 3/05/1987

-          Ministerial Circular N ° 13 of July 23, 1999



Registration form


-          The original copy of the Baccalaureate certificate and its photocopy

-          The assignment sheet

-          Four passport photos

-          A copy of the identity card

-          Receipt of 200 DA registration fees



After admission


-          The student must sign a contract with the National Education.

-          The National Education agrees to provide a teaching position for the student at the end of the course

-          The student agrees to join his teaching position within one month of the date of his assignment to that position.

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