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The Director's word

      In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The pedagogical endeavors  of the Ecole Normale Supérieure Assia Djebbar, Constantine (ENSC), which are inspired from contemporary cognitive transformations, aim at leading the educational act towards competition, participation, quality and excellence.
At the beginning of each academic year, our institution receives  the elite of Algerian students, who aspire for a bright and promising tomorrow, to train them as future teachers in the primary, middle and secondary education. Through the education it provides them with, it helps them endure the troubles of life and at the same time and enables them to implement the desire of the Algerian state in having a generation that contributes to the prosperity of the Nation.

The ENSC is continuously experiencing various scientific activities, specialized educational seminars and sports, cultural and intellectual activities that directly support the academic and pedagogical training. Such activities also support the intensive efforts of the ENSC research laboratories in education which are carried out according to modern educational approaches for the sake of applying  teaching/learning-related theories to solve educational problems and improve the quality of the educational act. Being aware of the importance of the practical training for the quality of education offered to its students, the school allocates special care to the Training Unit that ensures follow-up of the trainees in the different educational institutions.

These activities have never ceased to demonstrate a creative and renewed movement and the time has come for a new, comprehensive educational philosophy to emerge, accompanied  with thinking about all its aspects, to provide the generations of this nation with the reflective mirror through which they clearly realize themselves. In this context, we find no embarrassment in opening up to the world languages ​​that support scientific advances, increase youth self-confidence, enrich the national heritage and facilitate communication with the world. Such languages are also the means for our nation to integrate the world of technology and media and to have access to the latest innovations and inventions and accurate and specialized laboratory experiences.

This new movement complies with  the educational orientations of the current policy of the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research which is keen to stimulate research within in the frameworks that connect the information to its basic sources and directly from its original language. Priority is given by the higher educational authorities to the promotion of the means of control of technology and the media of digital communication, research in the field of artificial intelligence as well as scientific competition according to the ethics of the university profession.

The Algerian genius has proudly demonstrated rapid integration in various scientific and research fields and in various technological applications. It has become evident to the objective observer that the local Algerian and migratory minds have gained positions as essential members of the most prestigious world universities and the largest research laboratories in the European Union and the United States of America. The profound impact of their efforts is worth mentioning.

The Director

Professor / Rabah Tabjoun

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