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History and Geography department
History and Geography department
History and Geography department
History and Geography department
History and Geography department
History and Geography department
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The Department of History and Geography is one of the first departments of the Ecole Normale Supérieure Assia Djebar- Constantine. The department was officially established  in 1999 at the time when the School was specialized in Letters and Human Sciences. Back then  it was called the Department of History, Geography and Philosophy. Later,  an independent department of philosophy was established in 2012 when the ENSC turned into a multi- specialty higher education institution by the 2010 decree. 

The Department of History and Geography receives hundreds of students every year who are imparted with  high quality education about different historical epochs, starting with ancient through middle, modern and contemporary ages. They also receive an equally superior training in the different recognized branches of geography. All this is supplemented by the work of competent lecturers specialized in educational psychology and pedagogy.  

 Lectures and seminars are presented in a hybrid way both in in-person and online formats through digital platforms. A series of scientific visits to the Eastern regions of Algerian, in particular, are also organized. These regions include coastal cities, plateaus and the Sahara.  The most important field visits are the ones conducted by third year students in the course entitled the Sahara Training. All these visits aim at acquainting the students with the topographical and terrain diversity of the Algerian geographical areas.

Many qualified teachers who devoted their lives to teaching and science served in this department and left it after retirement. A source of proud is that two of them served as directors of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, namely Dr Abdallah Khiari who is retired now and Dr Nacerddine Chibane who moved to the University of Om El Bouaghi many years ago. Three other colleagues have retired. They are Dr. Ibrahim Benlakhlef, former head of the department’s scientific committee and director of the research Laboratory, Dr. Mohamed Sahli, former Head of the Department and Mr. Azzouz Dilmi, former vice-director of pedagogy.  Two colleagues passed away. They are Dr. Taher Eleumri and Mrs Nawel Zitouni May God have Mercy on them.

Since its establishment, the Department of History and Geography has been managed by the following professors:

Dr. Hocine Amziane, who was the first head of the Department of History and Geography The late Dr. Taher El Emri

Professor Zubeida Mounia Benmissi, Professor of Philosophy

 Professor Abdelaziz Bouchair, Professor of Philosophy

 Dr. Sahli Mohamed, who retired in 2018

 Professor Sabrina Louaar

Currently,  Dr. Hicham Boudiaf, who took in charge the department in 2021-2022.


The Department of History and Geography shows great interest not only in academic training but also in scientific research. No wonder, therefore, that it hosts the Formation of Societies and Dynamic Regions Research Laboratory (FOSDYT), which was founded in 2012 and to which most of the teachers of the departments of history and geography and  philosophy belong.


Throughout the many yeas of its existence, hundreds of students graduated from this department who serve as teachers in national educational institutions. Many of them have successfully carried out higher studies and some have even become teachers in the Department. 


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