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The ENSC Assia Djebar Library, which extends over five floors, encompasses three departments and has a capacity of over 450 seats. It is managed by the Director of the library who is assisted by three department heads and a team of specialist librarians.

Library services


o   Acquisition and Processing Service

o   Bibliographic Research Service

o   Information and Guidance Service

Library structure

The library building is made up of five floors:

Library Hall: It houses a resource and reference room which contains various reference receptacles, such as dictionaries, and periodicals. This hall offers its users 25 seats and also shelters intellectual demonstrations such as exhibitions.

First Floor: It contains an Internet room with a capacity of 40 seats equipped with computers and Internet access.

Second floor: It contains a loan bank devoted to books in Arabic in various intellectual fields in addition to 3 stores for books, and the offices of the library’s administrative staff.

Third Floor: It contains the inspection room with a capacity of 160 seats in addition to individual and group workspaces. The room has a copy of each address of the library's documentary balance operating in the open system, allowing the beneficiary to have direct access to the information vessels.

Fourth Floor: It contains a loaner bank for French and English language books, in addition to a reading room with a capacity of 200 seats.

Fifth floor: It contains a conference room with a capacity of 40 seats dedicated to the institution’s  literary evenings and intellectual activities.



Opening hours

The library is open 7 days a week - (Sunday - Thursday) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

 Library directorMr RECHEM Badreddine
E-Mail :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                    
213(0)31 78 60 xx

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