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Diplomas Department


Head of the Diplomas Department, Mrs.: Bakouche Mounia

Phone: 031786068

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Diplomas Department is in charge of:

-          Ensuring that the procedure for delivering diplomas and equivalencies is respected and well organized.

-          Organizing the procedures for documenting diplomas at the request of the graduating student or the National Education Directorates.

-          Organizing and conserving the archives.

-          Providing copies for students’ Diplomas in case they are lost.


File for the Final Diploma Extraction:


1- A copy of a birth certificate (S12) or an original birth certificate (No. 12).

2- Provisional Success Diploma (original copy).

3- A written request containing the address and phone number of the student concerned.


How to Withdraw the Baccalaureate Scores Sheet:


The withdrawal of the baccalaureate scores sheet can be either permanent or provisional.


1-  Final Withdrawal :


The final withdrawal of the baccalaureate Scores Sheet is due to:

-          Transfer to another Higher Education Institution. To withdraw it, a file containing the following documents must be presented: transfer form + student card + acquittal of library, dormitory and university allowance.

-          Completion of university studies (Master or third year Licence...). The student must provide a copy of the acceptance certificate to the Master or Licence.


2-  Provisional Withdrawal :


The baccalaureate scores sheet can be withdrawn temporarily in order to translate it or to correct the student’s personal information before the Examinations and Contests Bureau.

To do so, the applicant must fill out a pledge and approve it in the Civil Status Bureau of the Municipality.


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