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The General Secretariat


The Secretary General is responsible for:

-          Monitoring the career management of the institution’s staff.

-          Preparing the preliminary draft budget.

-          Closely following the execution of the budget.

-          Ensuring the proper functioning of technical services.

-          Monitoring the funding of research activities of scientific research units and laboratories.

-          Offering and promoting cultural and sporting activity programs.

-          Monitoring the school's internal security plan.

-          Ensuring the endowment of operating resources for school structures and technical. services and maintaining movable and immovable property.

-          Ensuring that inventory registers are kept up to date.

-          Ensuring the conservation of the institution’s archives.




The Secretary General is assisted by:


-          The Deputy Director of Personnel, Training and Cultural and Sports Activities

-          The Deputy Director of Finance, Accounting and Resources




General Secretary  : Mr Boulahouache Adel
E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.             
Tél: 213(0)31 78 60 xx

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